Spa Care from the Australian Dreamtime

LI'TYA Philosophy

"LI’TYA, means ‘Of the Earth’, and is a unique range of skin, hair and body products based on Indigenous Australian plants and the principles of modern and Indigenous herbalism, aromatherapy and touch therapy.

The Indigenous Story- Anne’s Story

Following an introduction to an Elder from the Pangerang people in the Goulburn Valley, two Elders from the Ya-idt’ midtung people in the High Country, LI’TYA Company Founder Gayle Heron developed, in conjunction with them, the framework of what we now know as “LI’TYA”, based strongly and ethically in the Ya-idt’ midtung philosophy, medicines and healing techniques.

There already existed substantial product development and techniques under the name of “Biame” which Gayle had been developing since 1999, however, she dearly wanted to connect and integrate Indigenous healing and medicine into her business, and in May 2000, LI’TYA was launched as “Spa Care from the Australian Dreamtime”.

Ya-idt’ midtung philosophy and spirituality became the foundation on which LI’TYA was based, the company offering was not only just an exquisite product range but a deep profound philosophy and connection to the oldest continuing people on the planet which was integrated into the spa and wellness industry.

In the following years, Gayle , her Indigenous advisors and a very loyal and dedicated group of employees worked closely together to establish a real and tangible Indigenous inspired model suited for use in spa and wellness with practical treatments and training modules for therapists and students.

Connections were made with many different communities throughout Australia which Gayle and her advisors visited regularly establishing strong and vibrant relationships. One such community in Northern NSW was commissioned to make beautiful Aboriginal jewellery, which was sold through the LI’TYA business. Another community in Far South Western Victoria provided gorgeous hand printed materials for use on treatment tables, uniforms and as decorations in spa locations.

Coolamons were commissioned from women in the Central Desert and Gubbers Rocks areas of the Northern Territory, and muds, salts and plants sourced from ethical organically sustainable sites.

Discussions were had with various communities about growing plants for LI’TYA’s use, utilising local knowledge and people to bring further resources back into local communities.

A foundation was formed which distributed proceeds of sales back into these communities and the company built a strong reputation in the spa and wellness industry for its ethical, sustainable and harmonious work practices.

LI’TYA is currently known worldwide as a forerunner of contemporary Indigenous understandings fused with an unparalleled range of unique and beautiful products and treatments, which work together to create a complete healing and experience in the spa context.



The Four Tenets

Ya-idt’ midtung is the language group for Indigenous people of the North Eastern Victoria and Kosciusko NSW region.

An Aboriginal Spiritual perspective

Indigenous Australians have a unique view or way of seeing the world, often referred to as the four basic tenets that are akin to a good foundation on how to conduct one's life.

It is a holistic approach that considers the entirety of being in terms of one's spiritual health and wellbeing, one's environmental health and wellbeing, and one's social health and wellbeing in terms of mental and physical relationships with the world.

The four tenets of the Ya-idt’ midtung people:


The One Spirit of all things. We are connected to all through this vitality and essence


Be true to yourself and the laws of nature, discover the truth within yourself and then experience joy and enlightenment


Seek and see the truth by varied perception and perspectives, live true to Adtomon in balance with nature and the laws of the universe


Now is the moment of your being, live true to now and you will be in Linj’da



Massage in Australia- The Aboriginal Connection- Anne Warren

“In our community, and according to Ta-Idt’ midtung medicine, massage as such is not a separate modality, but is integrated and connected to the ‘touch’ combining understandings from the person’s physical, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual life.

A person can become sick because of an environmental imbalance, a family or community trauma or many other aspects of imbalance.

To treat this person, once uses ‘touch therapy’ which aims to bring back into balance all the elements of that person. Health is dependent on the health of all things, as all life and energy is connected to and dependent on each other.

Traditionally, Ya-idt’ midtung medicine included forms of acupressure, medicines from the environment, (plant, flower, rock, crystal essences) psychotherapies, nutritional medicines, treatments involving fire, water, mud, sand, crystals and rocks, specific foods and extracts.

Cleansing rituals of ‘smoking’ accompanied any healing, usually both before and after the treatment.

The greatest strength of Ya-idt’ midtung medicine is that it is a preventative medicine, a holistic synergy that includes un-measureable, unscientific realms of spirituality and belief.”



Living in harmony with this understanding, Indigenous Australians view their lives here as custodians of the physical and spiritual dimensions of this earth. Their philosophy is to therefore tread lightly and with the greatest of respect. For the fruition of the dreaming that carries the potential of creative perfection, is ultimately determined by the unseen vibration of all that is around it.

It is in honour of this wisdom that tribal elders and members of Australia’s Indigenous community have willingly shared with LI'TYA their intimate knowledge of native plants, healing modalities and their deeply respectful and reciprocal approach to the workings of nature.

In drawing upon the ancient powers of the Earth’s oldest continent, it is with the purest intentions that the spiritual qualities of these essential materials are invited to come alive. For using organic native Australian ingredients not only brings a unique and enriching dimension to an industry already focused on holistic healing principles.

It also creates an opportunity to generate greater awareness of the value of our earth and the beauty of the people that have learnt from it and lived with it for thousands of years.

There is much we can learn, receive, be thankful for and give back to these beautiful people so deeply connected to the essence and energy locked within our great southern land.




About the Aboriginal Dreamtime

For more than 40,000 years, Indigenous Australians have held the world’s oldest continuous living tradition of sacred knowledge, known as the Dreamtime.

It is from this Dreamtime that all aspects of Aboriginal life, context and meaning is derived, including an innate wisdom of the relationship between humankind and nature’s precious resources, and a unique view of the workings of the physical world and its spiritual dimensions.

According to this ”natural” law of the Dreamtime, everybody, everything, all time and space is intimately linked to the sacred seed of creation, from which everything has grown and continues to grow. Every thought, footprint, gust of wind, plant or animal that lives, has lived or is yet to live, is seen to impart its own vibration upon the earth, which in turn resounds across all eternity as part of the ongoing creation of the world.