Spa Care from the Australian Dreamtime

Bryan McGoldrick
Managing Director & CEO
Bryan has extensive experience in the Spa and Wellness, Education, Tourism and Hospitality Industries. Apart from being the CEO, Bryan’s responsibilities include business development, strategic planning and industry partnerships.
Anne Warren
Director of Training  & Chair of Indigenous Advisory Board
Anne is an Aboriginal Elder of the Ya’idt-midtung people of NE alpine Victoria and the Kosciusko region of New South Wales in Australia. With a lifetime of study and research into medicinal and spiritual properties of indigenous plants and Aboriginal healing techniques specific to her people, Anne is our LI’TYA ambassador.

Susanne Kosonen-Nelson 
Director of Brands

Being within the Beauty, Health and Wellness Industry for over 20 years Susanne brings with her strategic organizational skills and vision to plan and guide and direct the company. Identifying and assessing internal and external requirements and effective developments with  professionalism, optimism and creativity whilst ensuring the organization meets with efficient day to day operations and high quality services.

Charro Nardella

Brand Relationships 

With a background in wellness and with over 10 years of experience in the industry, Charro works with our brands partners, P.R and new clients, operating as a point of contact for specific matters and the development of business and working relationship, building and maintaining strong customer experience and services whilst ensuring philosophy, visions and vitality of the brands organizational growth is maintained.