Hair Care Trio


Nourish your hair this Autumn and ensure that it is protected for the cooler days ahead. The Li’Tya hair treatment trio is packed with native Australian nutrients that work to strengthen and promote hair growth. Available at the special offer price for a limited time only.


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The set includes:

Quandong and Camellia Hair Cleanser

A gentle sulphate free shampoo, containing organic extracts, designed to improve health of scalp and strength of the hair while promoting sheen, elasticity and hydration.

*Sulphate and therefore low foaming hair shampoo

Quandong and Ylang Ylang Hair Hydrator

A luxurious and aromatic conditioner containing organic nourishing oils and vitamins, to help reduce tangles, add shine, boost volume and leave a healthy balance to the hair.

Quandong Hair Treatment Mask

An intense hydrating hair and scalp treatment, rich in vitamins, natural botanical waxes and oils to improve hair strength, revitalising appearance whilst deeply conditioning.

Why Quandong?

Quandong (Santalum acuminatum)
The Quandong is  known as Australia’s  ‘native peach’, itis a small bright red fruit with tasty yellow flesh. Traditionally, the Aboriginals would eat the fruit fresh or dry it and store for winter, as well as eating the oil and protein rich fruit kernel. Harvested from the desert, the fruit has a sharp peach flavour and has twice the vitamin C content of oranges. The oily kernel has been utilised for thousands of years by Aboriginal people for cosmetic purposes and it is known to assist in the stimulation of hair regeneration and lustre. The shell seed was traditionally pounded into a paste and rubbed in to any sore areas to heal, and as a hair treatment and for a dry, itchy scalp.

Quandong Extract Fruit kernel full of oils similar to those in your hair and therefore easily absorbed. Traditionally used as  hair tonic to assist in the stimulation of hair regeneration and lustre, and for a dry, itchy scalp. Li’Tya harnesses the properties of Quandong and incorporates it with nourishing oils and essential oils to support the health of your hair. Free of chemical nasties and parabens.




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