Blu Blend Pure Essential Oil Blend


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Give your entire system boost! This synergy of oils provides your body and mind with a stimulating burst of energy. It also acts to enhance perception while relieving metal anxiety. Blue Cypress is a tonic to circulation so targets cellulite and fluid retention, while helping to energise the lymphatics. It is a wonderful muscle relaxant so acts to reduce swelling and sooth aching limbs. Great after a workout and physical activity! Its powerful blue colour also promotes self-expression and intuition. Stimulating Lemon Myrtle boosts your immune system while uplifting the spirit. Excellent to use when facing important meetings or interviews. An ideal companion when feeling disconnected from your own creativity and self-expression or at times when a full detox is required!

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Place two drops into the bowl of a burner with water and diffuse – perfect for use at home or in the office. Place a single drop on the pillow before bedtime. Add one to two drops into bathtub under running water; lie back and breathe abdominally for 15 minutes.

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