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As we head into our festive season, don’t forget to give your skin essential nutrition to help boost and revive during times of seasonal festivities, exposure to summer sun and heat.

We are offering a select collection of our premium products to help your skin look and feel at optimum health.

Select 3 products from the list below to create your personalised gift set.

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Wattleseed Protein Polish 50ml

Working on both a physical and enzymatic level, this aromatic exfoliator removes dead skin and stimulates new cell growth. Suggested as a weekly treatment to regenerate, polish and refine. Your complexion will appear visibly smoother and with improved vitality. Oil and protein rich, Ground Wattle Seeds, have been utilised, as their round shape will not scratch the skin’s surface. Lemon Myrtle Essential Oil works at a deep level to balance the skin. With regular exfoliation your skin will show greater levels of absorption and have improved elasticity and texture.

Kelp and Clay Purifying Mask 50ml

Enhance your skin’s vitality and vibrancy with this nutrient rich mask. Perfect for combination, oily, dull or congested skins, this product works to draw out impurities and excess oil, while gently stimulating the skin to encourage renewal. Mineral rich earth clays of Kaolin and Bentonite, act to draw, cool and purify the complexion. With Clary Sage Essential Oil to reduce excess sebum production and impart an antibacterial effect and Witch Hazel to gently stimulate and balance, this mask also contains extracts of Neroli, Australian Sandalwood and Australian Grapefruit.

Pepperberry Pedi Mask 50ml

Rejuvenate fatigued and weary feet through the potent qualities of nutrient-rich Tasmanian Peat and Kelp. Packed with minerals and amino acids to feed your skin, this polish delivers a moisture surge to your feet. Ground Pumice has also been included as an ideal polisher of tough, dry skin. With the extremely stimulating and warming Native Pepperberry to increase circulation and refreshing Native Mint, this earthy mask works wonders as it smoothes, warms and freshens.

Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask 50ml

Drenching your skin in moisture, this gorgeous pale clay mask promotes the absorption of essential nutrients for perfect balance and regeneration. Packed with minerals, Tasmanian Kelp Seaweed also contains trace elements and amino acids to stimulate circulation and bring new freshness and rejuvenation to your skin. Combined with the powerful skin food of Stringybark Honey and soothing Essential Oils of Native Sandalwood, Lemon Myrtle and Native Mandarin, tired, neglected, dehydrated and mature skins will adore this product!

Kunzea Muscle Revive Balm 50gr Jar

This light weight balm is easy to use and has an uplifting aroma. A combination of active Australian Native Botanical Oils such at Kunzea, Rosalina and Lemon
Scented Tea Tree, work in partnership with Arnica Oil and Magnesium. Kunzea may be used for the temporary pain relief of:
• Arthritis • Rheumatism • Relief of muscular aches and pains.

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Skin Food Trio

Kelp and Clay Purifying Mask, Kunzea Muscle Revive Balm, Pepperberry Pedi Mask, Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask, Wattleseed Protein Polish


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