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INVIGORATE & FRESHEN YOU & YOUR SPACE Li'Tya Kunzea Muscle Revive Balm An intensive pain relieving balm, with the additional benefit of being able to maintain the overall health of your home or workplace. ORDER SOME KUNZEA TODAY KUNZEA WINTER WELLNESS FOR [...]

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Li’Tya KODO Massage

KODO, which means melody, has been inspired by traditional Aboriginal healing practices, sacred understandings and energy work from the Ya-idt'midtung (Jaitmathang) peoples of Southern NSW and N.E. Victoria. This information has been shared willingly with the founder of Li'tya, with the understandings that the information was to be regarded [...]

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Autumn nowee’dteet  (now ee deet)

There are 6 traditional Aboriginal Seasons Li'Tya incorporates the Ya-idt’midtung seasons that reflect and honour these traditional weather cycles The first season is that of the late and sunny Winter, bringing us ~ Nowikundtin (now ee cun din) which falls in August /September. The second season is the coming of [...]

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Creating your Sacred Space

Li’Tya’s Smoking Ritual For Aboriginal people around Australia, true wellness of being, is fundamental to our Dreaming, our Sacred Path and True Identity. We regard certain “Rituals” as essential tools to our lives, one of these being “Smoking/Cleansing Ritual” Traditionally, every clan and tribal area had their own specific [...]

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Discover the joy of using our premium oils and salts

Order Now In February, we will be offering you all an opportunity to purchase one of our beautiful body oils, with either Wild Rosella Salt or Lemon Myrtle Salt. These stunning products can be used separately or together as a part of your body cleansing hydrating rituals. Used [...]

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Massage in Australia- An Aboriginal Elders Perspective

Massage in Australia- An Aboriginal Elders Perspective “In our community, and according to Ya-Idt’ midtung medicine, massage as such is not a separate modality, but is integrated and connected to the ‘touch’ combining understandings from the person’s physical, emotional, social, environmental and spiritual life”. A person can become sick because [...]

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Native Australian Botanicals

Some of the powerful Native Australian Botanicals that we harness in our product range: Aniseed Myrtle Highly antifungal and antibacterial Invigorating and clearing Balancing effect on hormone levels Boronia Absolute Nurturing and nourishing Moisture bonding Alleviates fine lines and hydrates the light tissue area around the eyes Blue Cypress Anti-inflammatory [...]

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Yulu Tea

Our ‘Yulu Tea” provides these benefits, saturated with an abundance of vitamins, plant proteins, anti-oxidants, bio-flavonoids, enzymes and minerals. It is cleansing, hydrating, refreshing and rebalancing, is economical and used as any herbal tea would be. The ‘mix” can be used several times, just add more hot water

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