Autumn nowee’dteet  (now ee deet)

There are 6 traditional Aboriginal Seasons Li’Tya incorproates the Ya-idt’midtung seasons that reflect and honour these traditional weather cycles

The first season is that of the late and sunny Winter, bringing us ~ Nowikundtin (now ee cun din) which falls in August /September.

The second season is the coming of the spring rains, then the Bogong Moth, bringing us ~ Kakkaba) (kak a bar) falling in October/November.

The third season is the hottest season, Summer, bringing us Nowbrror’or (now braw) welcoming in the months ofDecember/January.

The fourth season  is warm, sunny early Autumn, coming of the rains, cool nights and warm days, brining us ~ Nowee’dteet (now ee deet) arriving inFebruary/March.

The fifth season is late Autumn, of cold nights, clear skies and gentle sun, just before coming of the snow ~ bring us Koorrkootangba (ker ook oo dangba) falling in April/May.

The sixth season is winter, the coldest season, settling snow, storms and winds ~Koorrkoodtoo’a (ker ook oo doo) enveloping us in June/July.

As we move from Summer into Autumn

Autumnnowee’dteet (now ee deet)   our 4th season , warm, sunny early autumn, coming of the rains, cool nights and warm days, which leads onto our 5th season of Koorrkootangba- late autumn of cold nights, clear skies and gentle sun, just before coming of the snow.

A time to begin to slow down and contemplate rest and re-evaluate.

We begin to add more layers for warmth as the days and nights get cooler, so we begin to cocoon ourselves, turn our attention inwards.

We wear soft, warm fabrics, sit near healing glowing fires and talk and dream of our lives, how we can support each other, tread more lightly on our Mother Earth, co-create in wisdom and love.

These are precious times, as we gather our ~ Ailee ~ our Spiritual whole, embracing the essence around us, as over the following few months we work to  create the time and space for introspection, healing and mindfulness.

Observe nature, slow down and rest body, mind, emotions and spirit.


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