Li’Tya means ‘of the earth’ and is inspired by restorative, clarifying and invigorating properties of Australian Native Botanicals. Li’Tya is founded on the principles and ideals of providing Wellness Spa Therapies through products and treatments built upon the herbal knowledge and healing practices from our Ancient land.

In 2000 Li’Tya broke new ground in the Australian Skincare industry taking it into a whole new realm with it’s blending traditional Indigenous knowledge from our First Nations People with traditional spa therapies. The result is a truly unique & Australian Wellness Spa Range that is award winning, internationally recognised & loved.

“Li’Tya is known worldwide as the forerunner of contemporary Aboriginal understandings fused with an unparalleled range of unique and beautiful products and treatments which work together to create a complete healing spa ritual for the guest.
– a true fusion of Traditional and Modern”


  • Launched on 21st March 2000, which is the International Day for Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

  • Developed with over 20 years of research into the diversity and unique qualities and therapeutic values of Australian plants, clays, seeds, salts and fruits.

  • Formulated integrating thorough scientific plant research, proven results and original product formulations.

  • Based on ongoing, ethical and respectful relationships with Aboriginal People and their Communities.

  • Key Elders were fundamental in creating a framework and a philosophy, sharing some of their ancient healing, medicine knowledge and Spiritual understandings.

  • The Spiritual understandings being “a way of life, a relationship with all that is, a commitment to follow a path of truth while abiding by the laws of nature and being true to oneself”

  • Integrates philosophy and practice of Holistic Health which involves physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing with a “Tread Lightly” respect for our Mother Earth.


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