Li’Tya’s Smoking Ritual

For Aboriginal people around Australia, true wellness of being, is fundamental to our Dreaming, our Sacred Path and True Identity.

We regard certain “Rituals” as essential tools to our lives, one of these being “Smoking/Cleansing Ritual”

Traditionally, every clan and tribal area had their own specific blend of leaves, plants and flowers which would vary according to the particular area, purpose or ceremony, the healing effects needed or the energy required. Local plants would be collected as needed with intention and then used daily throughout the family groups.

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Aboriginal Elders from our Snowy Mountains have shared their understandings and uses of the smoking ritual to be used when needed and Li’Tya has incorporated this ritual into our treatment protocols. Li’Tya treatments have been designed to incorporate opportunities for full body, mind Spirit healing, based on our Aboriginal concepts of health and wellness.

Li’Tya treatments journeys begin with a smoking ritual, which aims to create a sacred space within the context of the treatment room, clear the energies and work to ground the energies. This process and ritual assist the therapist, guest, products and treatments to work in synergy with Aildt, Adtomon,Dwongdtyen and Linj’dta*. This is a profound process and authentically brings forth Spirit of Place.

To help you achieve your own sacred space LiTya, has developed the Boorana Stick, which contains Lemon Myrtle, Old Man’s Beard (O’Yarrang)and Paperbark in an easy to use form, for use around your space at home or work.

Each plant carries with it, its own vibrational, healing essences and vitality, offering potent vibrational medicines to clear, raise energy levels, re-balance, re-align and re-juvenate body, mind and spirit.

Most people are accustomed to either using or have heard of different versions of our “smoking” from other cultures. For example; smudge sticks with sage and Sweetgrass, the burning of charcoal then adding essential oils to create healing smoke, herb bundles of lavender and mints (or whatever is available), Incense Sticks with various essential oils added for specific benefits etc.

Li’Tya offers our Aboriginal version of this ritual for you to be able to safely use when required.

The energy of where we live is a part of who we are, which extends to our plants and environments.

Using Australian Native Plants in this ritual will align us to the energy of where we live, work and create, which is energetically already a part of us.

How to use; 

Easy to light and use, the smoke created can be circulated in an anti-clockwise spiral in any area where you feel the energy is heavy, stagnant or needs refreshing and uplifting.

When ready to extinguish, place lighted end in a saucer of sand, once out, the Boorana Stick can be stored ready for future use.


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