Culture, Country & Spiritual Integrity

Indigenous advisory board

Li’Tya’s Aboriginal Advisory Board was established to oversee and guide Li’Tya’s interaction with various Aboriginal communities around Australia and in other parts of the world where Li’Tya. offers its goods and wellness practices.

Li’Tya’s Aboriginal Advisory Board has at its core, a belief and understanding that, we as key stakeholders, have a responsibility and respect for our Lore, Culture, Country and Spiritual Integrity, and the desire to continue to grow awareness and understandings through appropriate ways.

The Advisory Board key focus is to ensure the ongoing and appropriate use of Aboriginal knowledge and culture. In business and through educational opportunities our discussions continue to establish more Aboriginal  community involvement through acting as wider co-operative agents for Aboriginal community products through referring all aspects of Li’Tya’s business to the integrity, knowledge and wisdom of our Elders and the wider communities.

Our Board has the authority to liaise, advise, recommend, educate, inspire and to be the foundation of Li’Tya. while being a voice in the modern world for traditional and cultural lore and values. The Board works closely with the company and its networks, encouraging a deeper and more valuable understanding of life through indigenous eyes by bringing the knowledge and understandings of our Elders into the day to day running of Li’Tya.