Li'Tya Kodo MassageKODO, which means melody, has been inspired by traditional Aboriginal healing practices, sacred understandings and energy work from the Ya-idt’midtung (Jaitmathang) peoples of Southern NSW and N.E. Victoria.

This information has been shared willingly with the founder of Li’tya, with the understandings that the information was to be regarded with respect and integrity.

KODO is based on the understandings that energy moves through and around, inside and outside of the body, flushing, re-aligning, cleansing, balancing, healing and strengthening the body.

The movements incorporated in the technique are designed to facilitate this, establishing a state of healing based on the person’s particular needs. It’s a gentle, profound and healing technique, suitable to all ages as it is self-adjusting and connects to the individuals and the earths rhythm and energy.

The introductions are carried out with intention and respect by the therapist, oils chosen through “Wulima Yulu” an intuitive process where we ask your body to choose the most appropriate oil for your massage, followed by a smoking ritual which helps the person and the therapist come fully to the present moment, clear and ground the energies.

Some benefits of the KODO,  while you are in the sacred space which you and the therapist have created, are that the body, mind, emotions and spirit have opportunities to release tensions, stress, toxins, to realign to the body’s natural rhythm, connect to Mother Earth and to calm the mind and emotions.

People regularly say after their KODO, that they feel lighter, calmer and more settled, they often can’t identify what changed but they have an overwhelming sense of peace and relaxation.

We call this ” the space between breaths” when there is complete stillness and it is the best opportunity to let go and truly rest.

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