Align Facial Elixir

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Reclaim perfect skin harmony with a potent blend of Native Lemon Myrtle & Lavender Essential Oils to balance oil production while Green Tea extract acts as a powerful antioxidant to reduce unwanted outbreaks. Soothing Aloe Vera extract works to repair damaged tissue whilst Hematite, clinically proven to fight free radicals, stimulates new cell growth for an even skin tone & a clearer complexion. For thousands of years native Old Man Weed has been used by Aboriginal Australians to cure various skin conditions. It has exceptional cell renewal properties and works as an antiseptic against unwanted breakouts and excess oil product.

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Deliver an instant dose of antioxidant vitamins straight to the heart of your cells to combat excess oil production. This lightweight formulation absorbs without a trace, creating an invisible barrier against moisture loss whilst preventing excess oil build up so skin regains it original balanced & radiant complexion.


Cleanse skin with Lillypilly Cream Cleanser and spritz with Wild Rosella Hydrating Mist. Lightly pat approximately 1 pump of elixir morning & night to the face and neck area. Follow with Cherry Alder Hydrating Gel. For maximum results use in association with a weekly treatment mask such as Kelp and Clay Purifying Mask.


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