Meaning: “Come with me to cleanse…body mind spirit.”
This trio is designed to cleanse and enhance your home.
Cleanse and purify your sacred space with one of our beautiful hand made coolamons and a selection of our active medicinal Australian plants.
Create your own Sacred space, by allowing the smoke to gently move through your home.

  • Mini hand carved Coolamon (traditionally hand carved curved bowl)
  • Li’Tya Essential oil (Clear Spirit, Retreat or Inspire)
  • Li’Tya O’Yarrang (blend of essential oils,active medicinal Australian plants)


How to Cleanse

  • Place a small amount of leaves in the coolamon with a  couple of drops of essential oil.
  • Light the leaves.
  • Allow the flames to fade and as the smoke rises create anti clockwise spirals with your coolamon.
  • Carry your coolamon to any area of your home or office or just focus on one spot, person or object.
  • Ensure the smoke is moving in spirals.
  • Once you have completed your smoking ritual carefully place your coolamon in a safe area to go out in it’s own time.

Our unique selection of plants have been specifically chosen to effectively purify your home, they contain proven anti bacterial anti viral and anti fungal essences and smell great too. Add some dried leaves from some of your favourite plants to our mix but please ensure that you have a good supply of our unique combination of plants.

It is our intention here at Li’Tya that good health and a happy home is possible for everyone.
Weight 150 g

Please keep out of reach of children. Use caution with caution. While allowing flames to fade please do over a sink encase of any issues.


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