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This rich and aromatic foaming cleanser gently cleanses your skin of surface impurities and make-up. This advanced formulation enhances hydration whilst soothing and strengthening. With its great astringent properties, Lillypilly Extract is rich in Vitamin C and excellent for skin regeneration. And as it such an active extract, your skin is deeply cleansed without the need for harsh detergents or alcohol. Essential oils of Native Mandarin and Lemon enhance your skin?s elasticity and Cardamom gently stimulates. The result? Your skin is left radiant and glowing.

Treat your skin morning and evening. Use 1 teaspoon of cleanser mixed with a little warm water to foam. Apply to face and neck; work in using fingertips and wipe away with cotton wool, a clean face cloth or splash off with warm water. Ideal for normal, dry, dehydrated, mature and sensitive skins as a daily maintenance.

In stock

Rich in fruit enzymes and Vitamin C, this cleanser gently removes impurities and moistens skin. Dry, normal and sensitive skin types, including the delicate eye area.




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