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Rejuvenate fatigued and weary feet through the potent qualities of nutrient-rich Tasmanian Peat and Kelp. Packed with minerals and amino acids to feed your skin, this polish delivers a moisture surge to your feet. Ground Pumice has also been included as an ideal polisher of tough, dry skin. With the extremely stimulating and warming Native Pepperberry to increase circulation and refreshing Native Mint, this earthy mask works wonders as it smoothes, warms and freshens.

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Tasmanian Peat
Provides nutrient-rich plant hydration and nutrition.
Tasmanian Kelp Seaweed Extract
Packed with minerals, trace elements and amino acids to feed.
Native Pepperberry
Extremely stimulating and warming with strong antibacterial and antifungal properties.
Native Mint
Cooling and stimulating effect, boosts circulation.

Weight 200 g
How Often

Treat the feet once to twice weekly, using approximately 1 tablespoon mask for each application. Moisten skin and spread over foot and ankle with circular movements to gently exfoliate. Wrap feet in a warm towel and leave for 10 minutes before rinsing.


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