Li’Tya treatments are mirrored but individually represent either OF THE EARTH or
OF THE SEA concepts through product and ingredient differences.


The EARTH element is largely understood as the centre of grounding. Inspired by our mineral rich lands Li’Tya utilizes clays, peat mud and wild harvested native botanicals naturally rich in essential minerals, potent antioxidants and key vitamins to form our unique skin care line and spa treatments. Our sensory journeys of aroma, touch and taste are paired with results driven botanical formulations to provide an all-encompassing wellness experience. We have drawn on the gift of Indigenous Australian plant knowledge and touch therapies from the ‘Ya-it’ midtung’ people and created a line of active skin care and exceptional treatments that work on both physical and energetic levels to unify body, mind and spirit with the land.


The SEA or water element has historically been used for cleansing, purification, psychological and emotional healing We are an ancient land surrounded by sea. A sea that is powerful, pure and potent in its nutrient rich kelp, seaweed, salts and collagens. Li’Tya’s of the SEA skin care and treatments draw upon these mineral and nutrient rich extracts to provide a range that provides deep hydration, repair, cell renewal and anti-aging benefits. Paired with its exquisite aroma blends, our exceptional treatment journeys transport you to a place of cleansing and revitalization.

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