Immerse yourself in Li’Tya training, which draws on ancestral wisdoms, information and knowledge from our Great Southern Land to enhance and support  comprehensive understandings within the wellness industry.

Priding ourselves on delivery of in depth philosophy, botanical knowledge and culturally appropriate protocols, our training is unique in its content, has deep respect for all knowledge and offers understandings which help ground and clarify the curious mind.

Up to date, in depth knowledge combined with ancient traditions and plant medicines, gives Li’Tya training its unique, one of a kind reputation in the Spa Industry.



“As the train ebbs and Bob’s along the track I feel like a very content baby fully feed on new learning and ready to be still and digest, heal and grow. Thanks you so much for sharing your knowledge today, for being such a beautiful soul and for igniting the fire within that reminds me how important it is to be as was originally intended. A privilege which I will treasure, nurture and grow.
Your parting words were to honour myself and my needs. I hope you find time to do the same for yourself.”

“I believe life is continuous learning, sharing and growing and now being in the Li’Tya family I feel very proud. Loving the products, using them in the Spa and also my own. I will be ordering more 🙂 Our Spa is coming along in leaps and bounds and that is a big thank you to for your amazing training, stories shared and your love and passion for delivering what you do. I feel very blessed and honored. Thank you once again.”

“Thanks so much for taking the time to go and train the students, they all loved it and got a lot out of it.”

“Thank you sooooo much for coming in and speaking to our students, they absolutely loved it! You are so informative and interesting, it quite a difference experience sitting as a group and having discussions and being so relaxed not so clinic and regimental”

“Thank you for letting me work with this beautiful brand and I hope it carries my business from strength to strength opening some new doors for us both.”

“Thank you so much for coming out yesterday, the girls loved it!”

“The team enjoyed the sessions, they came out quite energised which is great.”

“We had a wonderful visit with your trainer, she has made us all feel very positive about our partnership and she has wonderful energy for the brand.”

“Just another quick thank you for the training that you were able to squeeze in for us.”

“I know the therapists greatly appreciated it and was absolutely beneficial”

“Thank you for all your training this week. Your more than a trainer you are a guardian angel. You have changed my beliefs on the spirit world and l didn’t think that would be possible.”

“Thank you for coming to teach us your product range. Most importantly thank you so much for helping us emotionally heal. I’ii never forget you, your such a beautiful soul.”

“Thank you for a wonderful 4 days of training. It has been truly inspiring listening to you speak. I think you brought out the best in us all.”

“Thank you for all your beautiful knowledge you have brought into my life. You’ve opened my mind right up, your truly a gifted lady that l will forever have in my heart.”