Li’tya Spa Treatment

After experiencing a LI’TYA spa treatment at one of our luxury spa partners Rose contacted LI’TYA to find out all she could about our “beautiful products”. LI’TYA has since proudly sponsored Rose’s high performance skin care regime to keep her looking beautiful and fresh for the cameras.

The Weather Channel’s Rose Kelly

– Rating 4/5 stars

Li’tya Spa Products

“The relief and pride I feel when I walk into an Australian Spa and see that they stock LI’TYA…is nearly as good as the joy of being treated to and using these divine, indigenous products.”

Catriona Rowntree – media personality

– Rating 5/5 stars

LI’TYA Skincare Products

“I just wanted to thank you for the amazing products! I took them with me for my extreme trip around the world. One year later and …I’m only just running out. I’ve had beautiful skin throughout so many different extremes, from the sweltering heat of the Sahara desert to minus 30 degree temperatures working with sled dogs in Sweden, and everything in between. I can’t believe how long they lasted and how healthy my skin has been during this adventure. Thank you so much!”
– Simmone

– Rating 4/5 stars

Lillypilly Cream Cleanser

“I have really dry skin and I often find most cleansers leave my skin feeling tight. I love the Lillypilly Cream Cleanser as it cleans my skin gently but leave it feeling nourished and protected.”

– Rachel

– Rating 5/5 stars

Wild Rosella Mist

“This product smells amazing. I use this not only after I cleanser but I use it to refresh my skin and make-up during the day as I am constantly in air-conditioning”

– Sam

– Rating 4/5 stars

Macadamia Facial Cream

“I LOVE this product! My skin responds so well to Macadamia Facial Hydrating Cream, that I can’t be without it. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated and fresh but absorbs in easily without any oil residue.”

– Jane

– Rating 5/5 stars

Desert Lime Mist

“First of all not only this product but all of LI’TYA’s products smell amazing! This mist i particularly love because not only does it make my skin feel clean, moist and refreshed, but it also kills bacteria because of the antiseptic ingredients. It also has helped with controlling my oiliness and my breakouts are less.”

– Deena

– Rating 4/5 stars

Boronia Eye Serum

“Hello from Rome, Italy. Boronia Absolute Eye Serum is the best serum I have used!!!It’s amazing and it saved me from a very bad allergy. I will continue to use this beautiful product for the rest of my life. Thank you thank you thank you.”

– Rosella

– Rating 5/5 stars

Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask

“Our Tasmanian Kelp Hydrating Mask offers nutrient-rich kelp and cooling purifying clay to support and protect the skin during the hottest time of the year, giving much needed support and resilience to the elements.”

– Anne

– Rating 4/5 stars

Ocean Dreaming Essential Oil

Fabulous!!! I have worn this oil for years. It is an intoxicating blend of essential oils that announces its Australianess wherever it is worn in the world. I love it!!!”
– Nikki

– Rating 5/5 stars

Quandong Hair Mask

“Amazing results every time. I have used this product for over eight years. Most amazing results, restoring my damaged and dull hair to beautiful brilliance in every aspect. Leave in overnight for best results Amazing results every time”
– AlisonH

– Rating 4/5 stars

Munthari Hand Hydrating Lotion

“I can’t get enough of the Munthari Hand Hydrating Lotion. It is non-greasy, absorbs straight away and leaves my hands feeling smooth and protected.”
– Sue

– Rating 5/5 stars

Pepperberry Pedi Mask

“Great product love it. I really like the honey in this pedi mask.”
– Andrew

– Rating 4/5 stars

Yulu Tea

“I sampled this tea and loved it straight away. The taste and the smell is to die for, absolutely love it.”
– Cher

– Rating 5/5 stars

Macadamia & Camellia Pregnancy Body Oil Blend

“Great during and after pregnancy – This luxurious oil kept my skin soft during pregnancy, and stretch-mark free! I also use it in my hair (no nasty silicon like Moroccan Oil) and a few drops in the bath to leave whole body silky smooth.”

– Rating 4/5 stars

Pregnancy Cream

“AFFORDABLE LUXURY FOR PREGNANCY. I used this product throughout my 2nd pregnancy and it left my skin stretch mark free and silky smooth. Unlike other products on the market it was not greasy and it is made with all safe ingredients for pregnancy. I would recommend this to any pregnant woman a beautiful product thanks litya!”
– bc3175

– Rating 5/5 stars

Pregnancy Cream

“Fantastic product I would definitely recommend this product. Using ingredients that are completely safe for pregnancy (no retinyl unlike others on the market), it leaves your skin feeling silky and nourished. Love it!” – Soph

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