Li’Tya takes a ‘Tread Lightly’ approach to harnessing the Earth’s healing elements to provide its spa and skincare ranges.

  • Earth – Largely understood as the centre of grounding, according to Aboriginal wisdom. Li’Tya products and treatments use ancient peat, earth clays and desert salts directly onto the skin to restore nutrients,  draw out toxins and nurture  the body in the warmth of the Earth’s properties
  • Water – Cleansing, purifying and emotionally restorative properties. Li’Tya‘s treatments use this tranquil force to control the potency  of our products and unblock  the body’s energy fields  (hydrotherapy) or wash away  tension and awaken vitality
  • Air – Infusing the air with 100% pure essential oils is without exception one of the most pleasurable ways to drift into a realm of relaxation and serenity. Each is carefully selected and blended for their therapeutic benefits for the body and mind
  • Fire – With permission from Aboriginal elders, Li’Tya introduces every guest to the cleansing and purifying energy with the burning of a traditional Aboriginal Smoking blend at the start of every treatment. The Smoking ritual is designed to re-connect the guest and bring her/him into the present moment to focus on their treatment time. This sacred ceremony calls upon the healing energy of the earth to  enter the treatment space
  • Wood – Wood is the balancing element that connects all elements together. Wood represents the combined elements in us – we are as the trees are. We burn with : passion, water flows through us, our feet ground us to earth from which we grow and we communicate through the air


There are four components, often referred to as the four basic tenets which are akin to a good foundation on how to conduct one’s life. It is a holistic approach that considers the entirety of being in terms of one’s physical, environmental, social health and spiritual wellbeing – they are our Four Tenets.


Pronounced (ail-d)  

Everything is One 

Everything and every person is inextricably linked as part of one creative force, universal soul or vitality known as Aildt. As all thoughts, words, actions, animate and inanimate objects impart their own energy or vibration upon the earth to form the ongoing creation of the world, everything tangible and intangible is one, connected and true.


Pronounced (ad-omon)

Truth is the Path

By living in harmony with our own truth, being true to universal lore, the lore of nature, true to each other and respecting the interconnectedness of all things, we find our essence, our truth.


Pronounced (d-won-dien)

A Varied Perspective Is The Key To Perception

While your truth and my truth are not the same, each person’s truth is equally valid. Therefore it is important to respect that someone else’s truth is as valid as your own, while living true to Adtomon and embracing Aildt .


Pronounced (linj-da)

Now Is The Moment of Your Being

Connection to creation is deep within every part of our essential nature. When we start living in the now, time melts and our true essence is revealed. Live now in this moment, for now is the moment of your being, this is where the energy is.


Everything is joyful

Everything is wonderful

Everything is sweet


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