Yulu Tea
Yulu Tea
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Li’Tya is passionate about co-creating with the bounteous and health giving produce from our  various regions, communities and nations. As a part of our dedication and commitment to ethical practices, we strive to use wild harvested, organic produce from areas that are sustainabley managed.

To showcase the variety of plants, including berries, flowers, seeds, we use in our products, we have created  Yulu* Tea  which provides, not only the health benefits of our plants but includes the benefits of colour and aroma therapy. These plants we use have been and still are being used as a powerful system of wellness by our Aboriginal Peoples, which embraces individual, family and community health and healing.

Used as foods, tinctures, medicines ,teas and gathered locally, these health maintaining plants kept, and continue to keep, us well in body, mind and Spirit.

Li’Tya’s Yulu Tea provides these benefits, saturated with an abundance of vitamins, plant proteins, anti-oxidants, bio-flavonoids, enzymes and minerals. It is cleansing, hydrating, refreshing and re-balancing, is economical and used as any herbal tea would be. The ‘mix” can be used several times, just add more hot water.

Depending on seasonal availability, this beautiful tea contains Wild Rosella’s, Lemon Myrtle, Davidson Plum, Wild Limes and Lemons among others, this may change due to the natural seasonal production, however, we aim to include a selection of plants which provide all the nutrients needed and to deliver the same spectacular result.

*Yulu interpretation ~ Fragrant

Sharing our love of and connection to the Spirit of our Great Southern Land, our Spiritual home.